ChatGPT: A Tool for Excitement and Engagement


ChatGPT for events – A flash in the pan gimmick or the latest advancement in AI, ChatGPT is many things to many people.

For savvy event planners, ChatGPT can serve as a kind of tool to engage and excite while easing the loads of even the busiest professionals within the sector. In fact, we asked ChatGPT directly how it can be utilized by planners to do their jobs and here’s what it said:

Event planners can utilize ChatGPT in a variety of ways to improve their events and create a more engaging experience for attendees. Here are a few examples:

  • Chatbots: Event planners can create a chatbot using ChatGPT to provide attendees with a personalized experience. The chatbot can answer questions, provide event information, and offer recommendations based on attendees’ preferences.
  • Content creation: Event planners can use ChatGPT to create content for their events, such as social media posts, email marketing messages, and blog articles. ChatGPT can assist with generating creative and engaging content ideas that align with the event’s theme and goals.
  • Real-time assistance: During the event, event planners can use ChatGPT to provide real-time assistance to attendees. ChatGPT can help attendees find specific sessions, answer questions about the event schedule, and offer suggestions for nearby restaurants or attractions.
  • Virtual event engagement: For virtual events, event planners can use ChatGPT to enhance attendee engagement. ChatGPT can facilitate interactive Q&A sessions, provide personalized recommendations for sessions to attend, and offer virtual networking opportunities.

In summary, event planners can leverage ChatGPT in various ways to enhance their events, create a more engaging experience for attendees, and streamline their event planning processes.

Taking that second point as an example, we also asked the chatbot to clarify how it can assist planners with the creation of relevant content during the course of their event.  ChatGPT replied:

Event planners can use ChatGPT to create content for their events in various ways, including:

  • Brainstorming session: Event planners can use ChatGPT to conduct brainstorming sessions with their team. They can ask ChatGPT to generate ideas for themes, keynote speakers, activities, and entertainment.
  • Writing scripts: Event planners can use ChatGPT to write scripts for their event. They can provide ChatGPT with the basic details of the event and ask it to generate a script for the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other segments of the event.
  • Social media content: Event planners can use ChatGPT to create content for their social media platforms. They can ask ChatGPT to generate captions, hashtags, and posts that can be used to promote the event on social media.
  • Attendee engagement: Event planners can use ChatGPT to engage with attendees before, during, and after the event. They can set up a chatbot using ChatGPT that can answer attendees’ questions, provide event updates, and engage attendees in conversations.
  1. Presentation materials: Event planners can use ChatGPT to create presentation materials for the event. They can ask ChatGPT to generate slides, infographics, and charts that can be used to present data and information during the event.

In summary, event planners can use ChatGPT in multiple ways to create content for their event, from generating ideas and scripts to engaging attendees and creating presentation materials.

But as with any new technology, there are concerns over the limitations of and caveats to the information created by ChatGPT. For planners, it’s crucial to understand that the chatbot’s generated replies lack refinement and emotional intelligence, a point to account for when creating and editing content to engage a target audience.  After all, when it comes to fostering engagement at a personal level, nothing will ever come close to the power and subtlety of the human mind.  Unlimited by possibility and rich in emotional experience, it is the one machine that can create written content to capture and engage time and again.

But for event planners as a whole, ChatGPT represents a novel medium for content ideation, a chance to instantly and easily build upon a word or a thought in a bid to capture the attention of an audience at multiple points throughout the process of building and executing an event.  In the right hands and with the right knowledge, ChatGPT is the savvy planner’s tool for excitement and engagement.


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