6 Event Tech Stories You Don’t Want to Miss

6 event tech stories Eventsforce

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In this month’s round up of top event tech stories, we look at a new registration and ticketing platform that is set to transform the way organizers manage groups at meetings and events today. We also have some interesting updates like Facebook’s new set of community engagement tools and Zoom’s expanded features for virtual conferences. We look at some cool new tech to help with security staff shortages and live translations for virtual events.  And finally, for a bit of fun – a very interesting look at the metaverse, what it means and the future of the events industry.

Have a look at the top tech stories you don’t want to miss:

Social Media Today: Facebook Announces New Group Engagement Tools

For those of you running your event communities on Facebook, there were a few interesting updates from the social media giant that may help improve group engagement. First off, it’s adding new customer colour and post background options and admins will now be able to select the emoji defaults that users respond with in their group. Welcome posts are also getting a redesign with an increased tag limit of 500, so that admins can connect with more newcomers at once.

In terms of in-community engagement, Facebook has announced its new ‘Community Awards’ which allows group members to allocate ‘insightful’, ‘uplifting’ or ‘fun’ markers to posts and comments. More than just an engagement prompt, it improves post/comment visibility and helps demonstrate your group’s content at its best. And more interestingly, admins are now able to make their sub- groups a separate paid element – which could offer you another monetization channel for your most dedicated group members. Read more.

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BizBash: 8 New Technology Updates We’re Excited About This Month

BizBash’s newest column offers a monthly check-in on all things event tech, from new virtual platforms to social distancing-focused tools to software that will make your job easier – worth browsing through for an update of what’s new, what’s not. One of the stories that stood out was Interprefy’s new live captioning abilities for multilingual meetings and conferences.

Available in 31 languages, it supports participants with hearing impairments as well as those who prefer to follow the content with visual reinforcement. The tool also includes a powerful glossary function that allows Interprefy clients to pre-load the system with context-specific terms, acronyms and names that will be used during the event to enhance captions accuracy even further. Read more.

EIN: Fast and Easy Group Bookings for Meetings & Events

A new ticketing and registration platform unveiled last month is set to revolutionize the whole process of managing groups around events. Built on Eventsforce’s next generation platform, the system is designed to help organizers sell more tickets and increase revenue from group bookings. A simple setup process means organizers can launch their events quickly, while a WordPress widget allows them to set up ticketing on multiple websites. It is also one of the only booking tools that allow people to buy group tickets but invite individuals group members to complete their own registration details.

It’s an interesting proposal for those events that want to attract more group bookings.  It also means organizers no longer have to chase people for information before securing bookings for an event.  It speeds up the sales cycle, it’s efficient and gives individuals in the group a lot more flexibility to personalize their own event experiences. Read more.

Tech Radar: Zoom Powers Hybrid Events with a Host of New Features

Zoom’s Events solution has now been expanded to include conferences that span across multiple days and sessions – using the same tech that saw 33K people attend Zoomtopia 2021 last month. Organizers can now spread events across five days, with up to 13 sessions running at any one time. Attendees can also view or search for specific sessions in the lobby or via a new directory, filtering via tracks, and can also monitor their itinerary or build their own schedules by adding sessions.

For organizers, the new update means that session and speaker information can be uploaded in bulk, and session videos such as a sizzle reel or preview clip can be included to introduce speakers or prepare attendees for the start of the event. Speakers will also be able to edit their session and bios, although organizers will still have the final sign-off, along with full chat moderation throughout. Read more.

EIN: New Tech Tackles Security Staff Shortages at Large Events

Good news for those that deal with security staff around your in-person events. Safety and communications tech company, Halo Solutions, has partnered with Orka Tech Group to offer clients access to its workforce app used by over 55K security shift workers.

Halo users will be able to quickly fill security-based positions, mitigating the impact of unexpected staffing issues and preventing the cancellation of events caused by shortages. The partnership will also give Halo direct access to a large, fully trained workforce looking for flexible shift work and remove lengthy and costly traditional HR processes. Read more.

EventMB: What the Metaverse Will Mean for the Future of Events 

Will the metaverse — a parallel universe of virtual reality spaces — end up transforming the landscape of events, or is the hype overblown? Ever since Facebook announced it was becoming a “metaverse company” and changing its name to “Meta”, the concept of a virtual reality universe has become part of everyday conversation. To help answer this question, EventMB worked in partnership with IMEX Group to produce a report titled Meet Me at the Metaverse: Exploring the Future of Immersive Online Event Experiences’ – and it’s worth reading if you’re interested what events could potentially look like in 5-10 years.

The report includes simple explanations of what the metaverse is today and what it’s predicted to become over the coming years. Also includes some insights from industry thought leaders who share their views as well as some practical examples of events and brand experiences in this new reality. Read more.

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