More than 3 in 4 event planners believe that the security of their attendee data is a much bigger priority for them as a result of GDPR.

- Source: Are Your Events Ready for GDPR’ Study 2018

What Does the eBook Cover?

This eBook is not about firewalls, encryption or anti-virus software. Instead, it offers event planners insight into the kind of things they do that can put their organisations at serious risk of a data breach – especially after GDPR. Learn how to address the top data security vulnerability areas around events and find out what you need to do if your attendee data ends up lost, stolen or compromised:

  • What event planners need to know about GDPR and data security
  • 8 data security red flags for meetings and events
  • Questions to ask event tech suppliers about data security
  • How event planners can prepare for a data breach
  • Data security checklists for planners and team members

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Why is Data Security So Important for Events after GDPR?

  • GDPR makes ‘Privacy by Design’ a legal requirement, which means privacy concerns and the security of attendee data should be a consideration from the offset of all event planning activities – and not just an afterthought.
  • GDPR requires event planners to take responsibility on how their third-party data processors (hotels, venues, agencies and event tech suppliers) are also looking after their attendee data.
  • GDPR makes it compulsory to notify authorities within 72 hours of discovering a security breach – it is therefore important for event teams to understand what constitutes a breach and what they should do if data is compromised.