Events Management Software

Events Management Software

The Eventsforce event registration system is an easy-to-use web-based software which addresses every aspect of the event management lifecycle: from planning, marketing and registration to post-event analysis and event data management.

Supporting thousands of events each year, and providing you with the perfect event registration website, Eventsforce Event Management software is highly secure with flexible integration capabilities and licensing schemes that will suit your individual business needs.

How Eventsforce Helps with GDPR Compliance

Eventsforce offers a comprehensive set of event management solutions, services and expertise that can help support the event planner’s journey to GDPR readiness. We are UK based, all our servers are in the EU, as are our development and main support teams. We promote transparent audit trails, can help with data erasure, and offer separate databases for each client.

Find out how Eventsforce can help you with GDPR compliance here.

Perfect For:

  • Single and multiple events
  • Small budgets and large-scale events
  • Simple and complex events
  • Enterprise-wide programmes
  • Event growth strategies
Features Events Management Software
Personalised Event Invitations

Fill your events with the people you want by using personal registration links. Eliminate the need for passwords and offer access to event websites by specific visitor type

Custom Websites

Produce branded mobile-responsive multilingual websites in minutes using our simple content editing interface. With Eventsforce, you don’t need to be an expert in web design to build the perfect website for your event.

Registration Management

Create registration forms that capture the delegate information you want in the format you need. Show registration questions, webpages, emails and prices according to attendee types defined by you.

Group Bookings

Streamline the delegate registration experience by allowing multiple participants to register simultaneously. Delegates can book for themselves, as well as other people within their group.

Session Selections

Rapidly build your agenda online and link your sessions to room capacity and pricing information. Delegates can tailor their event experience by conveniently choosing online the sessions they are interested in.

Online Payments & Invoicing

Accept payments by cheque, bank transfer, invoice, credit card or online, all linked to specific pricing criteria and discounts, such as VIPs, members, speakers and other types of delegates. With the automatic addition of VAT or local taxes, your payment processes are safe and hassle-free.

One to One Delegate Meetings

Add value to your event by allowing registered delegates to maximise networking opportunities. Help them book meetings with other delegates and build their own personal diaries online.

Email Communication Tools

Increase the effectiveness of your event promotions. Use editable  templates to automatically schedule and send branded emails to targeted groups within Eventsforce.

Badges and Barcoding

Create fully customised attendee badges with optional barcode scanning to capture important event attendance data.

Quick Search and Advanced Reporting

Measure the success of your events and increase ROI by creating, saving and scheduling reports on event data such as registrations, attendance, session selections and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your event attendance by allowing visitors to your event website to follow, share and engage with your event through all major social media platforms.

Eventsforce On-Site

Manage attendance recording and keep track of attendance at events and sessions. Mark off attendees on registration lists using easy-to-navigate search tools and an integrated barcode scanner.  Seamless integration with the Eventsforce Event Management platform.

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Why Use Events Management Software?

The Event Planner

“Eventsforce is the software I choose to manage all aspects of my event. From creating branded event websites to detailed registration forms. From building delegate agendas to managing online payments. From badges and barcode scanning to in-depth analysis on attendance and revenue. If it's important for my event, I know Eventsforce will help me manage it.”

How do they use Events Management Software?

  1. Decide who should be at the event
  2. Build the event website
  3. Create sessions and online agendas
  4. Send out the invitations
  5. Track registrations and payments
  6. Send out communications
  7. Deliver a great event
  8. Post event reporting and analysis

The Event Delegate

“I like an event website to have a nice layout that makes it easy for me to navigate, find the information I want and process my registration and payments without any issues. Eventsforce is a platform that addresses all these requirements. It also helps me get more from the event by allowing me to connect and meet with other delegates who have similar interests to mine.”

How do they use Events Management Software?

  1. Receive a personalised event invite
  2. Visit the event website to find out more
  3. Book a place at the event
  4. Choose sessions and additional items where relevant
  5. Securely pay online
  6. Receive timely event communications
  7. Attend a great event
  8. Benefit from post-event contact


“Running an event can be a substantial investment, so we use Eventsforce to measure ROI and determine the success of each event. Its reporting functionality provides valuable insight on what worked, what didn't and what we need to change in the future.”

The Finance Director

“Eventsforce integrates with all major payment gateways, which provides a secure and reliable way for our delegates to process payments during registration. Integration with our internal finance system also allows us to generate and send event invoices, credit notes and receive payments from either system. This not only saves us time but provides both the finance department and the events team real-time access to important and accurate financial information.”

The Marketing Manager

“There are two things that are really important to me: marketing decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information and ensuring my marketing campaigns are both effective and adherent to our branding guidelines. Eventsforce, with its high level of customisation and detailed reporting, allows me to do both.”

The Sales Manager

“Typically, delegate information from our events was collated into a report, printed and manually entered into our Salesforce CRM system. By integrating Eventsforce with Salesforce, these updates are now automatically updated in Salesforce, which saves us time and ensures our sales team is always up to date with valuable lead information.”

Need help choosing the right solution? Talk to us.

We care that you choose the right software for your business. It’s all about you.  Based on your data, your existing workflows, your timing, and event objectives.  We’ll provide recommendations to help you achieve success.