Why is Integration So Important for Events?

Organisations can make better use of their data by linking their systems through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow different software applications to pull and share information with each other.

Data Integration can bring real value to your events by helping you manage your data more effectively.  It’s key to ensuring people across different departments within your organisation have real-time access to critical and accurate event information at all times. It will also help you meet the new GDPR requirements a lot more effectively.

Data Integration and GDPR

Eventsforce offers a comprehensive set of event management solutions, services and expertise that can help support the event planner’s journey to GDPR readiness. We are UK based, all our servers are in the EU, as are our development and main support teams. We promote transparent audit trails, can help with data erasure, and offer separate databases for each client.

Find out how Eventsforce can help you with GDPR compliance here.

For more information about the Eventsforce API, please click here



CRM integration with Eventsforce

Eventsforce offers quick and easy integration with the market-leading CRM, Salesforce, allowing the rapid and seamless flow of data between the two systems:

  • Pull invitations lists from Salesforce directly into Eventsforce
  • Build stronger attendee profiles from additional data in CRM
  • Automatically update delegate profile changes in Salesforce
  • Create leads in Salesforce with new registration data
  • Real-time overview of delegate event history in Salesforce
 salesforce transparent

Finance integration with Eventsforce

Eventsforce allows you to securely manage delegate payments by seamlessly integrating with a number of major payment gateway providers including Sage Pay, Worldpay, PayPal and many others. Please click here for our complete list of our payment gateways.

We can also provide you with support when integrating Eventsforce with finance systems like Sage SAP/Exchequer/Access Dimensions and others:

  • Automatically update delegate payment details into your finance system and vice versa
  • Generate, update and send event invoices, credit notes and received payments from both systems
  • Eliminate manual process of updating systems and chasing payments
  • On-going visibility on outstanding payments and event revenue

Mobile App Integration with Eventsforce

Eventsforce partners with Zerista to provide mobile event apps which are fully integrated into Eventsforce solutions. This means that the event data within your Eventsforce solution can be replicated into your event app, removing the need for manual data uploads and allowing you to benefit from real time updates. Eventsforce allows the following data items to be fully integrated into your mobile app:

  • Programme and session information
  • Presenter/speaker biographies
  • Delegate lists
  • Personal agendas
  • Abstracts and other documentation
  • Linking of associated speakers, sessions and documents

For more information on our integration capabilities and our APIs, please email our Support Team at support@eventsforce.com or click here

Membership integration with Eventsforce

Most membership organisations and associations use some form of membership system to help them capture and manage all the data around their members. Eventsforce can provide you with support in integrating your event management solution with membership systems like iMIS, Silverbear and Integral so that any changes to records in one system is automatically reflected in the other.

  • Renewals or new membership sign-ups automatically recognised by Eventsforce
  • Provide automatic membership checks as part of registration process
  • Manage Continual Professional Development (CPD) processes with real-time insight into event attendance history of each member

Corporate Website integration with Eventsforce

Integration between Eventsforce and your website management software ensures that each time you create a new event in Eventsforce, the details of the event will automatically appear in the events section or listings on your organisation’s website.

  • Eliminate the need to manually upload event information on corporate websites
  • Any changes in Eventsforce (venues, dates) automatically reflected on websites
  • Keep event data on corporate websites accurate and up-to-date
  • Segregate event listings by type or topic
  • Integrate with as many events or websites as you want

Attendee Security Vetting integration with Eventsforce

Eventsforce can be integrated with the security vetting system your organisation may be using to conduct security checks at your events.  The integration allows you to provide automatic identification and security checks for all your attendees as part of your event’s registration process.

  • Attendee ID information provided in registration forms is automatically checked against information in security system
  • Information is passed back to Eventsforce, which triggers an automatic email to the attendee informing them if accreditation has been approved of if there is a query regarding their application
  • Real-time visibility in Eventsforce on the status or progress of security checks for each attendee

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