EventTech Talk February 2017

New survey: How important is your event data

We’re investigating the current challenges and opportunities of data management in the events industry, looking at what information event planners want to collect, how they collect it, what they do with it and whether they’re able to use it for event success. Enter now for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Top tips for designing great event websites 

EventTech Talk spoke to web designer Dan Auty, who’s worked on event websites for companies like Peugeot, BP and The Law Society, to discuss the latest trends in web design and the key things organisations need to think about when building event websites. More…

How on-site apps can help you run better events

From improving the attendee experience, to enhanced data security, learn the top 5 benefits of using on-site apps at your event and how they can make your job easier. More…

Event Tech Stories You Should Read

Data security, on-site apps, video beacons, Twitter hashtag emojis and a study on AI in event personalisation. Check out the stories you may have missed. More…

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