Top 2017 Blog Posts on EventTech Talk

Tech is always pushing the boundaries of how we plan and run events – and 2017 was certainly no exception.  Almost every week, we’ve come across a new start-up, solution or gadget that promises to make planning easier and events more exciting.  And yet despite all this innovation, many are finding it hard to keep up – a recent industry poll by Eventsforce found that 65% of event planners find it difficult to stay up to date with the constantly evolving world of event tech.  And yet, not keeping up is no longer an option.

We launched the EventTech Talk blog a couple of years ago and have since seen a tremendous growth in a community of tech-savvy event planners who want to learn more about the latest technology development shaping the industry today. With regular polls and research studies, we’ve also been able to get good insight on uptake and trends, as well as varying opinions from well-known event experts on issues like data management, GDPR and AI-enabled technology.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share the top technology stories that really hit the mark with our readers over the past year.  Based on unique page views and social media shares, take a look at our top ten blog posts from 2017:

#1 What Event Planners Need to Know about Europe’s New Data Protection Law

GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018 and will apply to ANY event collecting and processing the personal information of European attendees – regardless of location.  This article explains what the new regulation actually means for our industry and how non-compliance, compared to current data protection regulation,s can bring serious financial consequences to event organisations worldwide. Read here.

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# 2 Ask the Experts: The Next Big Thing in Event Tech 2018

This past year was definitely an interesting one in the fast-evolving world of event technology with the arrival of AI-enabled chatbots, new data analytics tools and some practical developments in AR and VR technology.  EventTech Talk spoke to some of the industry’s top tech experts to find out what stood out in 2017 and what tech trends we should expect for the next year. Read here.

#3 10 Easy Tips for Designing Great Event Websites

Websites are still one of the most powerful marketing tools for events today. But if your website has too much information, doesn’t look appealing and more importantly, doesn’t create a sense of excitement around your event, then chances are people are going to go elsewhere. EventTech Talk had a chat with web designer, Dan Auty, who has worked on event websites for companies like Peugeot, BP and The Law Society, to discuss some of the latest trends in web design and look at some of the key things organisers need to think about when building websites for their events. Read here.

#4 How On-Site Apps Can Help You Run Better Events

Knowing exactly who turned up at your event and what sessions they attended is something that every event planner wants to know. The information helps us figure out popular topics and sessions. It helps us profile attendees.  It is also one of the many ways we measure event success.  Yet having this information at the end of the event is a bit of a lost opportunity.  Find out how using on-site apps can improve your attendees’ event experience and bring you important insight on the day of your event.  Read here.

#5 How to Collect Valuable Data from Events

Event tech systems help organisations collect important data around their events (registration forms, surveys, apps) and create all sorts of reports that help in measuring event success. The problem, however, is that the amount of data generated around an event is often overwhelming and figuring out what tools you need to measure the data that matters is not as simple as one would hope. Have a look at this list of some of the most effective event data collection tools based on feedback from more than 120 event organisers. Read here.

#6 How to Engage Attendees with Gamification

From the humble ice-breaker through to complex team-building activities, gamification solutions such as quizzes and scavenger hunts have gained considerable popularity around events over the past year.  And yet, one of the biggest complaints or criticisms around gamification is that people don’t engage and the return is low.   EventTech Talk spoke to Callum Gill, head of insight and innovation at leading creative experience agency, drp Group, to see what steps organisers need to take to put together a successful gamification strategy around their events. Read here.

#7 Infographic: The Power of Event Invitations

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a meeting, a networking event or a multi-day conference, we all know the importance of the event invite. It sets the tone of your event and is one of the first opportunities to make a good impression with potential attendees. It is also what convinces most people to take action and sign up.  But what are the latest trends around managing event invitations and how are event planners measuring success? Read here.

#8 Quick Email Marketing Tips for Event Success

Email still remains as the top most effective marketing tools for events today. Unlike websites or event apps, the email you send to attendees is a controlled experience where you can decide exactly what it looks like, what time it shows up, what call to action to use and what kind of personalised content it should include.  And best of all, it’s measurable. But with more than 20 percent of legitimate marketing emails never reaching a recipient’s inbox, what steps should event planners take to ensure the successful delivery of their email campaigns? Read here.

#9 Infographic: The ROI of Event Personalisation

Personalisation is seen as one of the hottest trends in the events industry as attendees increasingly expect both the communication of the event and the live experience to be tailored to them in some way. But is personalisation actually worth the time and effort? Are we doing anything useful with all the personalisation data we’re gathering from attendees or are we collecting too much?  Are there any data collection tools that are more effective than others? Take a look at the results of the latest research study from Eventsforce on the ROI of personalisation. Read here.

#10 Top Mistakes to Avoid When Using Facebook Live

The ability to record live videos using nothing more than a Smartphone is opening up all sorts of opportunities for the events industry – from improving engagement with attendees to reaching out to new audiences all over the world. But as with anything live, things can always go wrong.  The feed might cut off.  Your speaker might mess up or some crisis might unfold…and the whole thing gets broadcasted on the Internet.  So, needless to say, it helps being prepared. Have a look at some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when using live-streaming apps like Facebook Live at events. Read here.

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