Each month, we highlight a ‘Techspert’ from our team and take a closer look at their background and experience in the events industry. This month we’re focusing on our Client Loyalty Manager Lynda Browne…

What is your area of expertise at Eventsforce?20141125_eventsforce_lynda_browne_18205 1

I am the Client Loyalty Manager at Eventsforce and manage the Technical Support team, who are in place to support our customers and their events every step of the way. A core part of my role here at Eventsforce is shaping a culture internally that promotes the concept of understanding objectives to define challenges and provide solutions. This is critical when supporting busy and time conscious event professionals. For me, customer satisfaction is key, and I am delighted that our current customer satisfaction levels are at a record high (97% on average in 2014 against the industry average of 85%).

Tell us a little about your background in the events industry

I’ve always had a passion for the events industry so when I was offered the chance to work with Eventsforce 6 years ago I jumped at the chance and looking back, certainly made the right decision. What initially drew me to the industry, and still holds true today, is its dynamic and fast-paced approach, and the desire of the people within it to succeed. No event is ever the same, and it’s great to be part of it all.

What recent tech development do you think has impacted the industry the most?

It’s not necessarily a recent development, but data integration continues to play a vital role. Events and event professionals no longer work in isolation from the rest of their business. They are more visible and accountable than ever, and the data they hold and produce can be of key strategic value to the business as a whole and its strategic decision making capability. As such event data is much in demand from Marketing, Finance departments etc.

Data needs to be integrated with many business systems and it is the capability of open APIs that make all of this possible. This raises events and event professionals to a more prominent position within the organisation, with increased strategic importance.

What are your predictions for the future of event technology?

Click to get in touchCurrently event technology allows us to do amazing things and there will be continued development in what it can offer and the impact it will have on the events industry. In the future, I expect to see a real focus on usability. It won’t be enough for technology to simply let someone do something; it must let them do this quickly and easily, and with minimal support. The challenge should be making the event as successful as possible, it shouldn’t be trying to understand or use the technology. The pace of these advances will be determined in no small part by technology providers themselves.

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