Are you measuring your event marketing success?

‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.’

John Wanamaker

Team successIf you’re involved in any sort of marketing, event or otherwise, you’ll have heard the quote above before, and no doubt will have some empathy with the writer. Judging the effectiveness of your marketing is never easy, but there are tools available, and if used properly, can give you a good start in assessing your marketing ROI. Marketing specifically for events is no different. If your aim is to attract as many delegates as possible, you’ll already have one key metric in the form of registrations, but with the demands on event planners to justify their event marketing expenditure getting greater every year, now is the time to start looking for more detailed information and better strategic decision making.

Focussing specifically on event marketing, most event planners acknowledge the fact that the single channel approach to event marketing is no longer a viable option. Whilst the multi-channel approach is now common, the downside is that it makes it more of a challenge to measure your marketing effectiveness. For example, you choose to market your event through your corporate website, your social media and your telemarketing team. All three generate registrations, but how do you know which one generates the most when all you have is the total registrations figure? Without this information, how are you going to evaluate on a per-channel basis, how successful your campaigns have been? How are you going to justify your marketing spend for this event and secure it for the next? How do you make the right strategic decisions for you future events when the data you have is insufficient.

Eventsforce provides a solution in the form of ‘marketing codes’. Marketing codes, sometimes known as referrer codes, can be used to identify how many registrations are generated from a particular source. Codes might be sent to individuals, promoted through social or traditional media for example. Each time someone registers to attend an event, the marketing code is saved against the record and can be included in reports. The benefit of using codes with Eventsforce is that they do not need to be created within Eventsforce. This means that any member of the Events team or wider business can generate codes without logging into Eventsforce. Once the code or list of codes has been generated, it simply needs to be added to the end of the event URL.

If tracking and measuring the success of your event marketing channels is important to you we’ve prepared an article showing you how to do this in Eventsforce. If you would like to discuss any of this further, please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0) 845 680 6826 or email