Beta programme – here to help you

B2015-03-05_1746y Lynda Browne, Client Loyalty Manager

Eventsforce currently offer all clients the opportunity to participate in beta programmes. We’ve had great success with this so far and strongly believe they are an essential part of delivering the best possible event management technology to you.

We’re always keen to expand these to new and existing clients, so if you are not currently involved here’s a bit more information on why you should be and how you could benefit.

What is a beta programme?

A beta programme is essentially the last stage of testing and involves a product or software solution being released externally to an organisation for testing in the ‘real world’. In the case of Eventsforce, this means that we provide clients on the program with access to the latest software developments ahead of general release to the wider client base.

What a beta programme is not …or should not be

Rest assured, our beta program is not a substitute for an effective quality assurance process, nor is it a substitute for proper design, or a tool to sell you anything.

What’s in it for you?

Taking part in our beta programme gives you the exclusive chance to view and make use of the latest product developments ahead of the wider customer base. It also allows you to determine if the changes satisfy your needs, suggest improvements and help shape the product in the longer term to best match your business requirements.

What’s in it for us?

We always say that your feedback is incredibly important to us, and is fundamental in shaping our solutions in both the short and long term. The beta programme is a structured way of gathering this feedback based on how the solution performs under ‘live ‘conditions in variable environments. Basically the beta programme allows us to see if our solutions can function in a proper manner and if they meet the needs of the user. If they don’t, we can take feedback and use it to make changes.

Interested in taking part?

If you would like to take part or discuss any of this further, please email