Why you need to be using personal links in your Eventsforce email invites

By Osoble Osman, Client Services Specialist20141125_eventsforce_oso_osman_17706-1

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and resources into making your events a success. Your event website is fully branded and live, and everything checked and double checked. Now all you need are the delegates, and that is why the registration and invitation process is so important.

A good registration process is essential in boosting your delegate numbers and preventing registration drop-offs. It needs to be simple, straightforward and intuitive, otherwise time-sensitive individuals will be easily put off. With this in mind, we always recommend, where possible, using Personal Registration links in your email invites. This allows you to completely circumvent the email and password log in page as the link will automatically authenticate the delegate when clicked. Unlike using password in your email invites, the delegate doesn’t have to enter or remember a password. This not only speeds up the registration process, but also reduces the possibility of errors.

An alternative to Personal Registration links is the use of anonymous mode as your contact identifier. Anonymous mode means that each time a person registers, they are considered a new person as the system will not remember them from previous registrations. Anonymous mode is often used for events where the delegate email address is not known before registration, or companies who want to ensure data does not span across separate events. It is also useful if used by PA’s and Office Managers who typically register on behalf of multiple delegates, as it will allow then to use their email multiple times. However, Anonymous mode does have two drawbacks. You cannot monitor an invitation list as it is not updated when a delegate registers or declines. Also, you cannot pre-populate any details. Personal Registration links are not affected by either of these issues.

To use personal registration links you will need to add invitations to the event and use these invitations to email your delegates.

To add a personal link to your emails:

  • Edit the email you would like to insert the link into
  • Highlight the appropriate text
  • Click ‘insert/edit’ linkfrom the editing tools
  • SelectMain: Personal Registration Link (or personal amendment link) from the link list

If you would like to discuss anything you have read here and how it affects your emails please contact our Support team on +44 (0)845-680-6826 or email support@eventsforce.com