Why can’t I schedule my report?

Kim_QandAAnswered by Kim de Vries, Technical Support Specialist

“In Eventsforce it is possible to schedule your reports to be emailed to one or more recipients. When clients are unable to do this, it is often because they might be filtering the report using a run time value. For example, if your report is not set to run for a specific event the system will ask you each time you run the report which event you would like to run it for, or for a certain date range that you like to see in your results.

When you can schedule a report, you will see the checkbox for “Schedule the Report” on the last page (page 10) of the report builder. When you cannot schedule a report, because the report is filtered by using a run time value, the “Schedule the Report” checkbox will not appear.

In short; any report that triggers results immediately after clicking ‘Run’ can be scheduled and emailed. Any reports where you have to select a value cannot be scheduled for emailing.”

For further instructions on scheduling a Dynamic Report, please click here.