What did we learn from the research?

We learnt that for nonprofits of all sizes event technology can make the difference

As we found in our study, events can be relatively difficult for small nonprofits to plan and it’s harder for them to earn a reasonable ROI than it is for their larger counterparts. But software can make a difference by stretching a small nonprofit’s limited resources. For example, many event management applications let event attendees register, pay event fees, make donations themselves, and helps streamline communication between event attendees and organizers. By letting attendees enter the details, administrative tasks can be managed by less staff, even for larger events with hundreds of attendees. Also, the use of event management software improves event performance analysis (which leads to better events in the future), and tends to improve the experience for event attendees- it's a win-win.

Janna Finch, Market Research Associate, Software Advice