Our Promise to You

At Eventsforce we care that you succeed. We believe that technology alone is not enough to deliver sustainable results for your business – we are committed to offering more, and you will soon see this for yourself.

Our collaborative, long-term partnership approach is something we take very seriously. Over time you’ll see for yourself that we aim not just to enable but to empower and ensure you continue building on your successes way into the future. Working with our Client Services, Training and Account Management teams will help you get the most out of your Eventsforce investment and consequently help you deliver outstanding events, awards or abstract programs.

Your business is important to you, and we’re here to support your goals every step of the way.

George Sirius

CEO, Eventsforce

What Happens Next?


STEP 1 – Client services

The experienced event professionals in the Client Services team are here to offer you the support, training, skills and guidance needed to help you get the most from your Eventsforce investment. They will work with you to ensure that your Eventsforce solution accurately reflects and supports the needs of your business, enabling you to hit the ground running and achieve maximum ROI from your events from day one.

Client Services Specialist

Garry Wybourn
+44 (0)207 785 7083

If you’re seeking stand-out customer service, then look no further than Garry. Garry’s industry expertise means that, from the very outset, you’re in safe hands. Offering bespoke onboarding, Garry is dedicated to providing as much help as you need on your journey to event success.

Client Services Specialist

Ben Bradley
+44 (0)207 785 7083

With previous experience as a PCO, Ben understands the many pressures and challenges of event management. By listening not only to your immediate needs but also your wider business ambitions, Ben is passionate about providing client services with added value.


STEP 2 – Get your team trained

Experience shows us that effective training plays a key role in creating value for our clients and maximising the power of their Eventsforce solution. We work with you to identify comprehensive training programs, run at your pace and tailored to individual roles and requirements. Flexibility is key, and our training can be delivered face-to-face at a time and location convenient to you, or online. Above all else, we will help you learn the skills and capabilities to get the job done.

Product Specialist

James Wellman
+44 (0)845 680 6826

James runs powerful training courses at Eventsforce that are carefully tailored to the needs of your organisation and events. Step-by-step, James will lead you through the system to ensure you are fully equipped and ready for success.


STEP 3 – Achieve your Goals

Your dedicated and experienced Account Manager will ensure that as your journey with Eventsforce progresses, we will be with you every step of the way, making sure that you are making best use of your solution, helping you judge and determine your changing requirements and constructing plans and approaches designed specifically to help you achieve your business goals. Whatever you need, you just have to ask.


STEP 4 – Keep in touch

Our team of experienced event professionals provide you with the support you need every step of the way. We consistently record customer satisfaction ratings and response times that far outperform the industry average for software support services. For us, whether it’s your first move to an online system or it’s fixing the most challenging issue as fast as possible, our mission is to take the very best care of you and ensure you deliver success.

Client Loyalty Manager

Lynda Browne
+44 (0)207 785 6985

Lynda is at the helm of our helpdesk. Whatever and whenever our customers need us, Lynda is on the case. She is fanatical about our customer satisfaction scores (97% on average in 2014 against the industry average of 85%) and that your call is always answered swiftly.

Referral Programme

Your referral could help save a life every day for a month.

The Share & Care Referral Program is our way of thanking you for your continued support as well as raising money for some great charities. This season you can save the lives of critically ill people in Africa and India.

If the organisation you refer joins Eventsforce, we will make a £350 donation in your name, via Good Gifts to fund life-saving medication every day for a month.

Your Client Portal

And don’t forget the Eventsforce Client Portal.

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your Eventsforce solution. From product news and updates, to detailed guides and training resources, we’ll give you the tools you need to get the job done.