Eventsforce API Q&A, Webinar and further info

All your questions answered 

Q: Why does the event not show up on the app onsite?

A: Your event is either not live, has not been associated with the API user profile or the API key is incorrect.

Q: What email address should I give my computer system for the API user role?

A: The email address isn’t used, so we suggest a fake email address that identifies what system is using the data.

Q: Why don’t the URLs in the documentation work when I test them in my browser?

A: The way the data is sent isn’t understood by all browsers, but some browser plug-ins can mimic the interaction between your Eventsforce account and your browser. The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox will usually interpret the URLs correctly.

Q: Why do my awards events show up, but I cannot see my awards information?

A: All events are listed in the API but not the entry of the information. There is some information that is not available in the API e.g. award entries, table and room guests.

Q: Can I add a “cost centre” to my event data so the finance team can link the revenue?

A: Create a custom event field. This is an event property that can be shared with your finance system.

Q: I’m giving access to a mobile app supplier, which role types should I add to the user?

A: This will be determined by the data they need to see, for example, events, sessions, attendees. See our article ‘Setting up an API user and Key’

Q: Does it update the attendance in real time?

A: Yes.

Q: What hardware will On-site work on?

A: iPhone & iPad.

Q: What user roles do I need to add to use the API for Eventsforce On-site?

A: This depends on your requirement. See our article ‘Recording attendance with Eventsforce On-site’

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Speak to your Eventsforce account manager. They will be able to give you the required information.

Q: How can I send an API to a colleague?

A: Carefully, it’s a password. Unless you can send it securely it must not be sent.

Q: Do I need any advanced technical knowledge?

A: In most cases you will need to have a technical resource available to set up your integration, however, setting up Eventsforce On-site is easy.

Q: Does the attendee have to be registered for an event in Eventsforce to be seen in Eventsforce On-site?

A: Yes, but you can add attendees by clicking on the + in the app and registering them on your device.

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For those who missed out on our webinar which focused on using the Eventsforce API to unlock the real value of your event data, or if you would like to be able to view the webinar again, you can do so by clicking here. You will need to enter the password Efclient23.

If you are logged into Eventsforce you can view this and other product focused webinars by selecting Support in the admin portal.

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