Time Zone, Tech Team, Top Tips!

20141125_eventsforce_harry_pearce_17428-1By Harry Pearce, Product Specialist

If you are setting up and managing events across different time zones you’ll know that occasionally this can cause difficulties and confusion during the event set-up phase for the event manager, and during the registration and payment stages for the attendee. Fortunately our Technical Support team regularly help event managers master these challenges and deliver a cutting-edge delegate experience. Here’s an overview of the advice given out, and the benefits that can be achieved.

Eventsforce allows the event administrator to set up events in the local time zone, even if they are not in that time zone themselves.

For example, an event administrator in London can set up an event in Los Angeles and all date-driven factors, such as the event date, registration date, pricing, discounts, submission dates, judging, reviewing, session dates, room nights, calendar links, meeting diary dates etc. will be correct to the event.

What are the main benefits?

  • Event registration and amendment periods are no longer limited to midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
  • Discounts, prices, submission dates and diary dates are no longer limited to midnight UTC
  • Event date and times are displayed to the admin user in local time

 Can you give me an example?

  1. In the following example, a London-based event administrator creates an event to be hosted in Los Angeles, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) /GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) -8 hours
  2. There is an early-bird discount that is de-activated at 00:00 PST on 31 July 2016
  3. An executive wants to register to attend and receive the discount but he is based in London and it’s 07:30 UTC/GMT on 1 August 2016
  4. The London based executive can still qualify for the discount if he completes his registration before 08:00 UTC/GMT on 1 August 2016

No matter where the event admin is in the world they can be confident that the attendees will be registering to attend an event in the correct time zone.

Are there any other benefits? Yes!

Daylight Saving – Eventsforce will automatically adjust for daylight saving, therefore, the calendar links will always be correct

Admin Portal – All administration features such as reporting, invoicing, the email log, search and edit registration pages, will remain in UTC for consistency across events. The only admin portal feature that will be in event time is Attendance recording.

Untethered Barcode Scanning – Untethered scanners often come with their own software and depending on the set up of the scanner, the in-built time zone will override the event time zone. The software, however, should provide functionality to match the time zone of the handset to the computer being used. This is generally event time.

Tethered Barcode Scanning – When using tethered scanners the time of the scan will be the local event time.

Default Settings – It is possible to set up a default time zone for all events by going to: System Settings > Preferences > System Defaults and selecting a Default time zone. All new events will therefore be created with that time zone. This can be overridden at event level by going to Event Properties > Settings and selecting a time zone from the Event time zone drop down. All dates within the event will relate to the selected time zone.

We hope you found this useful. If you want to learn more or discuss anything you have read, please either call the Technical Support team on +44 (0) 845 680 6826 or email support@eventsforce.com