Technical Support Team Q&A – Where have the options gone?

Kim_QandABy Kim De Vries, Technical Support Specialist

Whenever we release changes and improvements to the product, we always expect questions as clients get used to them. Commonly, questions begin, ‘”Where has… gone?” or, ‘What’s happened to…?’ These questions are really easy to answer, but what we like to do is give the reasons for the changes so that our clients can understand why the changes have been made and how they will benefit them.

When the new Registration Options and Event Properties pages went live in early February we had a few clients asking about options which had been removed, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to use these pages to show that when we make changes we really are looking to make your life easier.

Registration Options Page

Capacity levels and capacities for admin registrations (ABI’s and QBI’s) – From experience we find that most of our clients select this option for their events as they find it an important part of their event management. Occasionally, some would forget to select the options, so to prevent this happening, and save them time correcting it, we removed this option and now capacities will always automatically appear.

Redirect to amendment if registration contact is already registered – As an unselected option, when a delegate, already booked onto an event, tries to rebook they are given a message saying that they are already registered. We found that a far better action when this occurred was to direct the delegate to their amend registration page, which reminded them that they were registered and also gave them the option to amend their registration. So, we amended this option so that this now happens automatically.

Event Properties Page

This page underwent several changes, but importantly, with no loss of functionality. The number of check boxes was reduced to 3 and new fields such as ‘Start date and time’ and ‘End date and time’ were added. This was achieved by incorporating generic features into the product, meaning that you do not have to keep returning to this page to keep adding functionality to the admin portal. For example, with ‘Emails’ and ‘Invitations’ the result is that menu items will always contain features that you may want to access during your event workflow.

If you want to discuss any of these changes further please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0) 845 680 6826 or email