Technical support team Q&A: How to disable an attendee category

Oso_for_WordpressBy Osoble Osman, Technical Support Specialist

“So let’s start at the beginning. It’s very common that our clients speak to us about copying events in Eventsforce. This is really simple to do. For annually recurring conferences and awards, for example, it can save time and reduce the chances of errors occurring when creating the event from scratch. However, it’s rare that a copied event doesn’t need at least some tweaking!

We recently had one client who copied their annual conference from the previous year as the conference they were planning was virtually identical to the previous one. They needed to change very little, but one thing they did need to amend was the attendee categories for the event. The need to amend attendee categories when copying an event is extremely common as the event organisers often want to reclassify or improve their attendee categories, possibly to offer additional discounts or target new user segments individually.

In this case, the client found that they were unable to disable a particular attendee category. From experience, this is something easily explained and even more easily resolved.  There are usually five common reasons why an attendee category cannot be disabled. These are:

  • A registration page for the attendee category is linked to a page for a different attendee category
  • An email template for the attendee category is linked to an email template for a different email template
  • You are using Group Registrations and allow multiple attendee categories per registration
  • You are using Ticketing to create real people
  • Registrations have been made using the specified attendee category

If you find yourself in a similar situation when trying to disable an attendee category you can see which of the five apply by hovering over the greyed out drop down for the category to trigger a message explaining why it cannot be deactivated.

From here the solution is simple. We have a range of step-by-step instructions in order to allow you to move forward and disable the attendee category. Please click here to access these.”

If you would like to discuss any of this further, please give our technical Support team a call on +44 (0)845-680-6826 (UK) or (646) 652-6338 (USA)