Meet your event data security challenges head on with Eventsforce SSO

Anna Spiering, Business Development Manager

The challenges of securing your event data and event access, especially with the imminent GDPR changes coming into effect, has never been more relevant. With Eventsforce SSO you can meet these challenges head on by centrally managing password security and enforcing password policies. Through ‘secure multi-application access’ and ‘user authentication’, using your existing authentication servers, you take back control of your events and your event data. For added security, passwords are never submitted to Eventsforce and access can be controlled centrally by your organisation

The result is that only people you want at your event will be there. Eventsforce SSO provides the ability to restrict event websites and event registration to internal personnel or selected individuals or groups, effectively making them private. Only people chosen to view the event website or register for the event will be able to do so, and invitations cannot be shared.

And as of August 2017, organisations using Eventsforce SSO will be able to pre-populate registration forms based on the details held about the person in the corporate directory or membership database, allowing for quicker, more secure registrations and enhanced member services.

All these benefits plus the fact that you will save your users the difficulty of managing multiple passwords and the associated increase in IT help desk costs!

If you’re interested in how SSO could be used to enhance your delegate experiences and secure your valuable event data, please call +44 (0)20-7785-7040 or email

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