What? Why? When? – Registration Reference mode


By Harry Pearce, Product Specialist

To offer a personalised event experience, event managers need to be able to quickly and easily identify who their attendees are, and then react to the specific needs of each individual. This identification is commonly carried out via the use of unique identifiers.

A unique identifier is a string of letters or numbers associated with a single entity within a system which allows accurate identification of the entity. In Eventsforce, the unique identifier most commonly used is the email address, which is why each contact in the system normally needs their own unique email address.

However, there are a few scenarios within Eventsforce where circumstances dictate that email addresses cannot be used as unique identifiers. These are when:

  • Events are targeting organisations where individuals share email addresses
  • Agencies are working with multiple clients who may have attendees going to more than one event
  • Someone is carrying out group bookings and doesn’t have the email addresses of everyone they need to book

In these cases it is possible to register attendees in Eventsforce using Registration Reference mode. So, rather than using an email address as the unique identifier on the database, the registration reference that is generated when a registration has been completed, is the unique identifier. There are several advantages and disadvantages to doing this:


  • Organisations which use generic email addresses can still be invited to register online
  • Individuals who do not have email addresses at all can still register online
  • Email addresses are not compulsory in the registration process
  • Agencies can successfully run events with multiple clients without revealing data that was previously captured


  • Tracking or reporting on the number of events an individual has attended will not be possible because the email address serving as the unique identifier may not be unique to them
  • People can register for the same event more than once which may make it difficult to accurately predict how many attendees will actually turn up
  • The Eventsforce database is likely to contain duplicate records which could make your marketing ROI less effective
  • Methods of accessing an event are a bit more limited. For example, events cannot be ‘invitation-only’. To securely access the registration process the website itself must be private

So how do I use Registration Reference Mode?

To activate the Registration Reference mode:

  1. Create your event
  2. Go to Event > Registration
  3. Click ‘Registration reference’
  4. Click ‘Save’

If some attendees are able to receive emails, add the “email2” database item to the registration page. Any attendees who enter an email address during the registration process will receive a confirmation email and any other emails you may decide to send.


When you view your registrations by going to Registrations > Registrations, in the “Reference” column you will see unique registration references for each registration. If you have been collecting email addresses you will see these in the “Email” column.

Want to know more?

Please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0)845-680-6826 or email support@eventsforce.com.