The essential product development details you need to know about

Over the next few months we will be carrying out extensive product development work to improve usability in the Admin Portal. Based on your feedback, these changes are designed to improve workflows and make pages consistent in design and therefore easier to use for existing and new users.

As we will be continuously updating you on the progress and changes being made, and how they will affect you, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about changes to the ‘Event list’ and ‘Registrations’ pages.

Event List page

On the Event List page we have made changes to provide the following benefits:

Simplified default columns: For a cleaner and less cluttered look-and-feel we have reduced the number of columns that appear as standard on the Event List page so that by default you will now see the ID, Name, Event Date, Created and Status columns. You will be able to show or hide the other columns, including columns for custom event fields, to suit your requirements, and Eventsforce will remember your selection each time you log in. You will also be able to search for any event by the event ID or the name of the event, and sort by any column.

Greater flexibility when filtering events: You can now filter by the following criteria:

  • Active (all live and not live events)
  • Upcoming events (all events where the end date is before “today”, meaning the current day)
  • Past events (all events where the end date is before “today”, meaning the current day)
  • Recently created (all events created in the last 3 months from “today”, meaning the current day)
  • Live (all live events)
  • Not live (all not live events)
  • Cancelled (all cancelled events)
  • Archived (all archived events)

Quicker and easier to update multiple events: Whether it’s changing the status of multiple events, copying multiple events or adding multiple events to your calendar these can all be simply done by using the Tool drop-down.

Registrations page

The ‘Edit Registrations’ page is an important part of the event manager’s workflow. Soon to be known simply as ‘Registrations’, it is from this page that you can see how many people will be attending an event or how many of these people have paid. By default the page will list Attendees.

The changes will make it quicker and easier for you to:

  • Edit registrations: To edit a registration either double-click on a row or click the pencil icon on the far right of the row. Alternatively, click to select a row and go to the Tool drop to select ‘Edit registration’. If an action is not applicable to a row e.g. editing a cancelled registration, an error is displayed
  • Update person details: Just hover over the person icon to view a summary, or click on the person icon to access additional information. Alternatively, click to select a row and go to the Tool drop to select “Edit person”
  • Update payment: Click the relevant row and go to the Tool menu to select “Update payment”
  • Filter people by statuses: Options to filter on include ‘Registered’, ‘Paid’, ‘Balance unpaid’, ‘Cancelled’ and ‘All’

See for yourself

To see the changes explained in a recorded webinar please click here. You just need to be logged into Eventsforce, click Support and select Portal Home.

Alternatively you can see these changes for yourself by clicking on the links below. Please be aware that these, and the contents of the webinar, are non-functional design mock-ups and some functionality may not work, and the final product changes may look different to this.

Edit registrations page

Event list page


If you have any questions or feedback on these changes please contact Lynda Browne on +44 (0)20 7785 6985 or email