EventTech Talk – January 2017

6 Signs Your Event Technology is NOT Working

The impact of technology on events is huge – we can’t function effectively without it.  And though it can make our jobs easier, it can also cause complications. But how do we know if the technology we’re using is still a good investment?

Have a look at these five symptoms that may suggest your event tech is NOT working for you.

Ask the Experts: The Next Big Thing in Event Tech for 2017 

EventTech Talk spoke to some of the industry’s well known event tech experts to find out what they felt was important in 2016 and what they think will be the next big thing over the coming year.

How to Use Technology to Effectively Manage Your Event Data 

Explore the challenges and opportunities of data management in the events industry and examine the kind of technologies that are helping improve event experiences.

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs on EventTech Talk

In 2016 EventTech Talk provided tech-savvy event planners with everything they needed to know to stay ahead in the event technology game.

5 Tech Stories Event Planners Should Read

Augmented Reality (AR), mobile apps, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues, as well as the latest updates from the world of social media, beacons and drones. Have a look at the top event tech stories you may have missed.

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