Why financial integration benefits your business

Paul_LandscapeFor any business, identifying the key metrics that define and measure success is of fundamental importance to being able to judge success. In years gone by, events may have been exempt from these demands, but this is no longer the case, and event professionals are now more than ever under pressure to measure and demonstrate event ROI.

This is why integrating your event management software with your existing finance system is so important and why Eventsforce places so much emphasis on providing an open API and comprehensive developers site for our clients to enable them to quickly and easily take advantage of integrations such as these.

Integrating Eventsforce with your existing finance system will allow you to:

  • Work from one system, avoiding the hassle of entering the same data more than once, and removing the need for difficult data transfers or uploads
  • Report through your existing system, including cross-event financial reporting to support your strategic decision making
  • Automatically sync your data with a two way flow of information between the two systems, removing the errors associated with manual data entry
  • Run reports and send event related invoices using your existing financial system and your current business processes
  • Ensure data visibility throughout your organisation to make sure everyone is looking at the same, accurate figures. In other words, finance teams get real-time information on events payments from within their existing finance system and the events team can view real-time financial information from within Eventsforce

For a detailed overview of how financial transactions are handled in Eventsforce and to find out how to integrate external finance systems with Eventsforce, please click here to visit Client Knowledge Base.

For further information please contact Ian Webb on +44 (0)20 7785 6962 or email ian.webb@eventsforce.com.