Technical Support team insight – how they work and how they can help you!

Marcello Zuniga, Technical Support Specialist

20141125_eventsforce_marcelo_zuniga_17679 1When you contact our Technical Support team you want any issues resolved or questions answered as quickly as possible. This is something we want too! You may have noticed that when you contact the team, you often get asked a set of basic questions early in the conversation. These questions are vital in helping us understand, define and resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

We find that these structured questions help our clients articulate their issues and in turn help us more accurately identify any potential problem. Read on to find out what these questions are, why we ask them and how they benefit you:

1 – What is your event ID?: Identifying the exact event you are working on allows us to quickly focus on where the issue is, and which events it affects. Often events are named similarly so using the event ID prevents any confusion. As many of our clients manage multiple events at once so this is always a good starting point.

2 – What were you trying to do?: This question helps us understand the steps you took or the processes followed. If there is a better way of achieving your goals in the system we will tell you about them and make sure you are comfortable putting them into practice.

3 – What did you expect to happen?: You know your events and event data best so if you believe that you are not seeing what you expect to see, telling us will help us confirm whether the steps or functionality chosen are indeed best suited to helping you meet your expectations. For example, you may be querying the results of an event report whereas there may be more suitable reports available.

4 – What actually happened?: Often, understanding what actually happened is key to determining and defining an issue and an important step to getting it resolved. At this stage it’s important to be as detailed as possible, but if you are not sure what actually happened the team will work with you to investigate.

5 – Steps for replication: Replicating an issue allows us to see first-hand how the system is working for you and gives us the levels of detail we need to effectively test and offer solutions where required. Replication gives us the confidence that any solution offered will work effectively and support your requirements as closely as possible.

So, now you know what our Technical Support team is likely to ask you and why they ask it. If you are able to answer, or help us answer these 5 questions, this would help us offer you the best possible service and ensure your events are as successful as possible. If you want to discuss any of this further please contact our Technical Support department on +44 (0)845 680 6826 or email