Find out how Eventsforce Sandbox accounts benefit your event testing and data hygiene

Oso_for_WordpressBy Oso Osman, Technical Support Specialist

If you’re looking to trial new ideas, test event builds, design registration pathways and websites, all without affecting your main account and live events, we have just the solution for you.

Many of our clients already successfully use a ‘Sandbox’ account, which is an Eventsforce account that runs independently of your main account, mainly for training or experimentation. The advantage lies in the fact that if you make a mistake, don’t like the outcome of something you have done, or your integration testing hasn’t produced the results you wanted, there is no damage to your live or planned events. In addition, there is the reassurance that all of your live data is kept clean and correctly formatted.

What do I get with my Sandbox account?

Your Sandbox account will have the same start and end date as your main account, and will come with exactly the same modules available as your main account, as well as default database items and templates. The account will also come with the primary administrator set up as a user and you can add any other users you require in the same way you would for your main account.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free to Eventsforce clients.

What else do I need to know?

  • It is important to mirror changes in your main account to your sandbox account. These may include settings, database items, document and badge templates, and custom website templates
  • Users need to be set up for your sandbox account. If you are already an Eventsforce user and cannot access the sandbox, you would need to contact your primary administrator
  • If you use custom templates in your main account and would like to have them in your sandbox, you would need to contact Support to have them added to your sandbox account
  • Email sending is disabled in the sandbox account. This means you can safely test emails and invitations without them going outside the sandbox. The contents of emails ‘sent’ in your sandbox can be viewed in the log under Communications > Email Log
  • If you are using SSO, this will not be active in your sandbox
  • You cannot copy events between your sandbox and live accounts
  • You cannot move data directly between your sandbox and live accounts
  • You cannot reset your sandbox

How do I take advantage of this?

It’s really easy to get your Sandbox account working – you just need to ask, and we’ll do everything for you. Simply call Ian Webb on +44 (0)20-7785-7040 or email