Development update – Three new projects starting soon

20141125_eventsforce_marcelo_zuniga_17625-1By Marcelo Zuniga, Technical Support Specialist

We are always developing our products in order to give you the most valuable event management solution possible. We realise that an important part of this is telling you what we are planning, both in order for you to be able to provide feedback, such as through our beta programme, and to give you plenty of notice and explanation of when changes are happening.

We’re delighted to announce three new development projects focussing on adding to and improving the default text in email templates, improving the responsiveness of your event websites and providing additional personal links. Here’s a few more details:

Improving the default text in email templates: We will be updating and adding default text content to all email templates. Our aim is to reduce the time needed to create and test emails by providing you with email templates which need little or no customisation.

Improving the responsiveness of your event websites: Eventsforce is largely responsive but we are working to expand this by extending this responsiveness to Awards, Meeting Manager, Accommodation and Table Booking.

Additional personal links: As well as part of the registration process, we will now be able to offer personal links (registration, decline, amend and event) to abstract submitters and reviewers and awards entrants and judges.

If you require any further information, or want to discuss any of this further, please email