Eventsforce Client Breakfast Event - Thursday 24th September 2015

I toast to all things breakfasty, and especially I toast to toast. I would toast to love, but that’s not breakfasty enough for my appetite.

Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. And the ageless sages.

We were really pleased with the success of our first breakfast event back in June, but we’re not resting on our laurels, we want to make the next one even better. We’ve taken your feedback, identified what you find important, and understood your business challenges, and based on this, our next breakfast event will include an ‘Eventsforce Masterclass’ on Custom Report building, as well as an informal discussion session focussing on features of the Eventsforce solution that matter most to you – and we’ll let you pick the topics!

All this plus our regular product updates and Eventsforce news and we feel that this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

Your Event, How You Want It!

We said that for our breakfast events we’ll let you choose the topics that are most important to you – and we really meant it. When you receive your event invitation, as part of the registration process you will be able to select the topics to discuss at the event during the informal discussion session.

We’ll take the most popular ones and make these a focus. We know you are busy so this is one way of making these events as relevant and applicable to you as possible

The Venue

We’ll be sending out your exclusive invitations soon, but just to let you know in advance, the breakfast event will be on Thursday 24th Septemberat the fabulous:

Frederick’s Bar and Restaurant – 106 Camden Passage, London N1 8EG

Click here for more details. Nearest tube: Angel