Ian Webb, Business Development Manager

If you manage awards programs and are not currently using our technology to do so, we believe you’re missing out and want to help. Every awards program is unique, but if you think your awards are square pegs in a technological round hole then think again!

Although many awards programs share common components such as entry management, online judging and table booking, there isn’t just one way of managing your awards, and likewise, there isn’t just one way of using our awards solutions. The flexibility inherent in the product is there for a reason – to meet your unique awards program management challenges. I’m commonly asked about how Eventsforce Awards can be used, so read on to find out what my three most common answers are.

Internal Awards – Organisations are now recognising the value of their employees as a strategic business asset, are looking at rewarding and engaging with them, but are encountering challenges. They struggle to recognise and measure employee achievement, face challenges in promoting their company culture internally, and fail to use employee success as a motivation tools for others. They turn to Eventsforce Awards to help solve these challenges.

External Awards – Whether you are running an awards program to bring together your customer base, acknowledge partner contributions, or raise your brand value, you’ll recognise the value of managing entries, judging and table planning in one integrated system. Effectively managing a successful awards program can be hard work, so let Eventsforce Awards take away the strain.

Client Awards – If your business involves running awards programs for others then your success and reputation relies on you making the very best use of the technology available. Delivering results to often demanding and meticulous clients is essential, and if you are managing multiple awards programs simultaneously, the structure and comprehensive functionality of Eventsforce Awards can help make your life easier.

So, if you run awards programs, the chances are that Eventsforce Awards can help make your life easier and your awards program more successful. To find out how and to learn why so many of your peers are talking about this right now you can read more about Eventsforce Awards or alternatively get in touch by calling Ian Webb on +44 (0)20 7785 6962 or email ian.webb@eventsforce.com