Adding an iframe to an external website

20141125_eventsforce_marcelo_zuniga_17625-1By Marcelo Zuniga, Technical Support Specialist

Many of our clients rely on Eventsforce to create secure, multilingual event websites, branded to their company guidelines. However, we also have some clients who prefer to use our registration forms within their own websites, often due to having specific design, integration or infrastructure requirements. When this occurs, these clients frequently make use of iframes.

The iframe approach allows the event manager to fully utilise an existing website and its content, eliminating the need to add further content to the Eventsforce website pages. There has been much debate about whether the use of iframes is a good thing or not, but in the right circumstances and for the right reasons, they can still be a valuable resource. With iframes, when an attendee registers on the external website, the Eventsforce registration process pages will open within the current frame.

If you are considering using an iframe with Eventsforce we have prepared some top tips for you:

1. We recommend a minimum width of 612px or you may experience either a missing border or a slider bar to view the registration form. Height is determined by the longest page viewed during the booking process

2. The width actually depends on the width you want the registration pages to occupy on your website but our responsive iframe template will resize to fit the device your website is being viewed on

3. You can change the default typeface on the Eventsforce pages by going to Website > Design Appearance. For specific fonts to match your brand, you can speak to us about creating a custom template

4. To test the iframe your event will need to be set to “Live” status

5. Links in emails directing traffic to your site should be to your website as there will not be an Eventsforce website

6. For testing purposes, use another Eventsforce standard template before switching to the iframe layout or add register and amendment links on your home page

If you have any questions about this or want to discuss any of this further, please contact our Technical Support team on +44 (0)845 680 6826 or email