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What is Eventsforce?

Eventsforce is a powerful, full scale event management solution. Through customizable modules, we deliver the tools any planner needs to exceed their event goals. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution solutions are accessed via user licenses, which are purchased on an annual basis. Each Eventsforce account is password protected and includes access to a full suite of available tools.

Who uses Eventsforce?

We have a wide range of clients, responsible for managing events in their respective industries. These include everything from corporates, to associations, government and much more.  All our clients have a common thread with Eventsforce, and that’s a trust in a strong relationship with a supportive partner.

What can Eventsforce do for you?

Eventsforce helps you manage events more effectively by streamlining and automating routine functions. Eventsforce solutions save time and ensure that events are planned and managed efficiently and professionally. Browse the sections below, and when you are ready to discover how Eventsforce can be a trusted partner, get in touch.

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Event Websites

Website TemplatesCreate beautiful websites in minutes using a template from our extensive library, or make your own design - no html experience required! Build in branding by adding logos, colours and fonts to produce the perfect website to showcase every event. Our in house design service is available if you need a helping hand.


Engage international delegates by displaying important webpages in their native language. 14+ languages instantly available and any other language can be added if required. The Multilingual module simplifies registration for visitors, encouraging them to participate in your event, as well as saving you time by reducing delegate registration errors and queries.


Includes an invaluable suite of tools to create and manage emails, using time saving, editable templates that can be branded, personalised and batch processed. Set up auto-emails to respond to actions such as new registrations, for improved speed and accuracy. Manage event marketing emails using Campaigns with associated metrics. Once you’ve used Communications, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!


InvitationsUse email invitations to engage your target audience. Create and send unlimited emails directly from eventsforce, saving time and effort. Add branding, personalisation and passwords for private websites quickly and easily by using tags. Compile recipient lists by data mining your central eventsforce database and import new data as required. Batch process and schedule delivery for maximum inbox impact.

Social Media

Using Social Media is the fastest way to promote your events online. Build the buzz through regular updates, encourage delegates to share and follow your event and before you know it, you’ve gone viral! Eventsforce integrates with over 30 Social Media sites and when used as part of a marketing strategy, these tools can increase attendance, improve engagement and provide valuable customer feedback to improve your next event.


Inspire, engage and connect with your audience – Our mobile solutions partner Quick Mobile, provide a scalable mobile solution that gives you everything you need to drive participation and build lasting relationships at your events while reducing your reliance on the traditional program guide. Fully integrated into the Eventsforce solutions, their mobile solution is transforming meetings and events around the word with engaging experiences and powerful branding that makes your events shine.



RegistrationsCreate the perfect registration form for every event - even complex forms can be built with ease in minutes. Professional online forms not only encourage delegates to register, but also save time – why not set up self-service, online amendment and cancellation too? Combine with Communications for automatic email acknowledgements of their actions. Reduce data input errors and store sensitive information securely in your eventsforce database. Real time reports to monitor progress are available at a mouse click. If used effectively, time previously spent on routine jobs can now be used to improve overall event success.

Payments and Invoices

These days, everyone expects to be able to pay online, and eventsforce integrates with major card payment gateways for convenient and secure online transactions. If preferred, invoices can be created quickly and easily using the delegate data collected during registration and a standard Eventsforce template, or make your own, branded layout. Save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency.


Badges & ScannersMaking an event “Admission by Ticket Only” is a great way to manage attendance numbers, if places at your event are strictly limited. By using Ticketing, you can set a maximum event capacity that will prevent overbooking. Delegates can reserve places without entering a name for each ticket. Add options for online payment if required.

Badges & Scanning

Need personalised badges or labels for your meetings? No problem! Create professional layouts, complete with branding, with speed and efficiency. Delegate details come directly from your registration database, saving time and reducing errors. Add a unique barcode to every badge or label to scan on entry, email the file to be printed externally, or print straight from Eventsforce before or at your event.



Sessions & AgendasIf your event includes talks, lectures etc. that take place at specified times, Sessions will simplify your life! Use Sessions to create an online agenda quickly and easily, complete with venues, dates, times, speakers, file downloads etc. The Sessions module will save time, improve organisation and ensure that it’s easy for delegates to find accurate, up to date information, improving their engagement with the event.


Abstracts is a collection of powerful tools to manage the complex process of inviting, reviewing and accepting abstracts, all in one website. When combined with Sessions, accepted abstracts will be automatically linked to the agenda, helping to prevent scheduling errors. This module is essential for anyone who manages scientific or educational meetings and conferences, saving time, reducing stress and improving coordination.


Create beautiful branded websites for award events, with online entry forms, multiple categories, submissions, judging and optional payments all managed in one online location. Managing awards using eventsforce makes the process simpler, quicker and less stressful, so you can spend more time focused on delivering a successful and memorable event!

Table Manager

Awards eventsManage dinners and gala evenings with ease using the Table Manager. Provide online reservations, interactive, drag and drop seating plans, sponsor packages, online payments and much more with this versatile addition to your Eventsforce solution.

Meeting Manager

Events are all about exchanging ideas, products and proposals, so why not kick start the process by giving your delegates the power to network pre-event? Delegates can create their own personal profiles, view and edit their online diaries in Eventsforce and send and accept meeting invitations under the protection of anonymous emailing. Get delegates talking about your event and to each other, before they’ve even met!


Create your own online hotel database and booking system, complete with images and descriptions. Combine with Flights for a complete travel and accommodation service that provides choice and adds value for delegates.



analysisReal time reporting means better control and leads to more successful events. Track, measure, monitor and analyse a wide range of event data using standard layouts or create reports using your own criteria. Save, download and share reports in industry standard formats. Sensitive data is protected using restricted access User Management features.


The Financial module gives complete control of your pricing strategy and can be as simple or complex as you wish. Set standard prices, discounts and time limited offers on registration fees and additional items as required. This module supports multiple currencies, taxes and payment gateways and integrates with Sage and other packages for seamless data transfer. Use the quick and easy reporting features to make sure you stay on top of those all-important income figures.

Connect with event success


Better connectivity leads to greater event success! Connect with delegates in new and exciting ways, improving engagement and attendance. Use Eventsforce to strengthen the connections between internal teams and business units, encouraging collaboration and data sharing for increased efficiency and transparency across your business.


bespoke2Integrate Eventsforce with your existing systems for a seamless flow of event data through your business. Interface with CRM solutions such as Salesforce and accounting systems like Sage. Event statistics and management information can be easily extracted, analysed and shared with stakeholders.

System Security

The security of your data is our highest priority. Eventsforce is built on the industry’s leading connected enterprise application architecture and your data is secure, auditable and privacy protected at all times. Security within your organisation can be controlled by User Management settings, so that you can set access to data and system features for each individual user.


As your business grows, you’ll want your event management solution to grow with you. Eventsforce works on user licences, not registrations, so there are no hidden costs and you can simply add more user licences when the need arises. It’s easy to add new functionality too, by switching on new modules that fit seamlessly into your existing solution.


support2We understand how important customer support is to you when it comes to choosing an event management solution. Client needs are placed firmly at the heart of our business; we strive to deliver excellence on every level, ensuring that the service we provide is always tailored to your requirements. In a recent survey, 96% of clients rated our training and support services as good or excellent.

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