Take control of your event security and access with Eventsforce SSO

20141125_eventsforce_oso_osman_17706-1Osoble Osman, Technical Support Specialist

Eventsforce SSO enables organisations to use existing single sign-on technology and user authentication to securely access Eventsforce software, and restrict events and event websites to the people you choose to see them.

The benefits of this are clear. Using Eventsforce SSO will allow you to:

  • Lower IT costs by reducing password related helpdesk calls – With a significant proportion of IT budgets being used to support the end user, Eventsforce SSO can help lower IT costs by reducing the number of help desk password management calls. It also protects IT resources by saving time needed to disable multiple accounts when someone leaves the organisation.
  • Save users the difficulty of managing multiple passwords – Individual users frequently face the challenge of managing numerous different passwords, as well as the constraints of logging into multiple systems. Using Eventsforce SSO frees users from having to remember an additional password and lessens the chances of them being unable to access their Eventsforce software.
  • Manage access to your event websites and registration – Eventsforce SSO provides the ability to restrict event websites and event registration to internal personnel or selected individuals or groups, effectively making them private. Only people chosen to view the event website or register for the event will be able to do so, and invitations cannot be shared. Essentially, only people you want at your event will be there.
  • Use existing authentication servers to control access to Eventsforce software – The difficulty of centrally managing password security and enforcing password policies is one faced by many organisations. Eventsforce SSO allows you to control access to Eventsforce software using your existing authentication servers (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory). Passwords are never submitted to Eventsforce and access can be controlled centrally by your organisation.

This is how it works:

SSO cust news aug 2015

If you would like to find our more about Eventsforce SSO or arrange a demonstration please contact Ian Webb on +44 (0)20 7785 6962 or email ian.webb@eventsforce.com.